Preparing for an interview

If you have applied for a subject that requires an interview here are some points that you might like to consider once you've received your invitation.

Before the interview

You should read a copy of your application and the prospectus and think about the questions that you might be asked.

Select appropriate clothes for the interview that allow you to remain comfortable but give a good impression.

Check the time that you are meant to arrive and think about the travel implications: how long it will take you to get to the location of the interview, where you will park if you come in the car, whether you are going to bring a friend or member of the family with you.

On the day of the interview

Think about the kind of questions that you might be asked:

  • Why do you want to study on the programme?
  • If you are proposing to enter a particular profession after graduating what do you know about these professions?
  • Why do you want to join the profession of your choice?

The purpose of the interview is not to catch you out or trick you. We are looking for you to be able to explain to us your motivations and to tell us what you already know about your chosen profession.

Finally, always remember that the interview is a two way process. You need to assess whether the University is the right one for you to study at.


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