Clearing tips: A student's perspective

Meet Amber. After not getting her predicted grades to get into university, Amber entered Clearing. Although it was worrying at first, Amber had a really positive experience on the phone to our Clearing team and was pleased to secure her place to study a combined honours degree: Creative and Professional Writing with English Literature. 

Amber shares her tips on how to prepare for and handle the Clearing process and why CCCU is a great choice for you!

1. Check courses available in Clearing

A few days before, take a look at CCCU’s courses available in Clearing. Courses are available here in alphabetical order and you can see whether any of them catch your eye. You can also find entry requirements, the course UCAS code and an outline of the course.

2. Have your information ready before A-Level results day

It is important before A-Level results day to have all your information ready in case of clearing. 

This includes:

  • the UCAS institution code for the university (C10)
  • your A-Levels or equivalent grades
  • your UCAS number (if you have one)
  • your personal statement

3. Have your personal statement ready

The Clearing team on the end of the phone, email or chat may ask questions about why you’re applying for the course so it’s always good to think about what you are going to say ahead of time and have your personal statement to hand as a reference point. 

4. Try to stay calm

Try to stay calm! Although not getting the results you were expecting is upsetting, there are still lots of opportunities to get into the course that you enjoy through Clearing at CCCU.  

5. Have the University's Clearing phone number ready

Having the University Clearing phone number 01227 926000 a few days before is important so you can get onto the phone as soon as you receive your results. 

6. Pre-register your details with CCCU

CCCU has also introduced a pre-registration scheme where you can apply for their clearing process in advance. This means that all your information is already on the system and on A-Level results day, they will contact you to discuss your options. This is a great way to save time and ensure that you are getting into the course you want.

7. Don’t worry about accommodation and student finance!

Once accepted into CCCU, you will be sent all the information you need to apply for accommodation and how to change your student finance.  

8. Visit the campus

Visit the Clearing open day or join a student-led tour of the Canterbury Campus. 

Tours last approximately 1 hour, after which you are free to explore the campus on your own or visit Canterbury city centre.

9. You'll be supported throughout your studies

CCCU has a great range of courses that suit all ages and abilities. The University thrives on students' passions and motivation which is championed by enthusiastic staff and tutors. Their great student services mean that you can and will be supported through your studies in a way that is best for you.  

10. Clearing is a great opportunity

Being in Clearing is your opportunity to study at university this September! It doesn’t matter how you gain your place at university, getting the best out of your university experience is more about your motivation and love of learning.

Amber's Clearing Story

Hear this spoken word piece, written by Amber, about her experience of applying to university through Clearing.


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