Short Courses

We are able to offer a limited number of rooms for students attending short courses (less than two semesters).

We have two main options available for these shorter lets which are at Parham Road and Petros Court. We also have our Homestay option living with local residents in their home, and accommodation at Chaucer College at times of the year.

Accommodation is not guaranteed, and is allocated in date order, prioritising longer stays, so please apply as early as possible for accommodation online, as soon you get your University student number.


Parham Road Student Village 

15 minutes' walk or 5 minutes' bus journey from city centre.

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Room typeSemester cost (minimum 16 week let**)Nightly equivalent cost
£2,320 £20

*Additional weeks are available at £145 per week.

Petros Court

Located in close proximity to the University's library at Augustine House and the city centre, Petros Court is the University's newest accommodation offering.

More details

Room typeSemester cost (minimum 16 week let*)Nightly equivalent cost
£3,040 £27.14

*Additional weeks are available at £190 per week.

Chaucer College, St Thomas Hill, CT2 7LJ

Chaucer College, offers a limited amount of single-sex, self-catering accommodation to Christ Church students on their beautiful and tranquil Japanese-inspired campus. As Chaucer accommodation is strictly single-sex, they have a ‘golden rule’ that under no circumstances should a male resident or male visitor enter a female student’s dormitory, or vice versa. Failure to observe this regulation will result in the cancellation of the accommodation agreement and you will be required to leave Chaucer accommodation.

It is 30 minutes walk, or 15 minutes by bus to our campus. There is a local shop, cafes, Gulbenkian cinema and theatre 5 to 10 minutes walk away. A bus pass is included in your accommodation cost, and is available from the international office.

Room typeWeekly cost (includes weekly bus pass)Nightly equivalent cost
£145 £20

Included in the rent:

  • internet & wi-fi
  • 24-hour security
  • utility bills
  • bed pack (includes a sheet, 1 pillow and pillowcase, 1 duvet cover and quilt)
  • kitchen pack (saucepans, plates and cutlery)

How to apply

You usually need to start applying around 2-4 months before you are due to arrive. We regularly update this page so you will be able to see clearly when you can apply.

We allocate in date order, so the earlier you apply the more likely it is that we can offer you accommodation. 

When we email the link to your offer, to confirm your place you will need to pay a £115 pre-payment fee towards your rent, to secure your room. Minimum booking periods are three weeks. 


Will I share with other Christ Church full academic year students?

As the academic year progresses we have a small number of rooms available where you would be sharing with other CCCU students, who are usually undergraduates from 18-21 on average. This can be a livelier social lifestyle in these flats. If these rooms become available we will add them to the portal options. You pay the same weekly rent as these full year academic students, but have to provide your own bedding and kitchen packs. You can also purchase additional items in advance through a partner supplier Unikitout or from local city centre shops (reduced opening hours on Sundays). 

Can I extend my stay?

We may be able to extend your rental period by a week either side of your studies, subject to you paying the extra charge, no other bookings from others and having valid time on your visa, if applicable. This gives a great opportunity for you to settle in before starting your studies, and also to explore the local area (we are less than 1 hour to London on the fast train.) If you wish to do this, please contact us in advance of any variation to start and end dates. If you turn up early and do not tell us, we cannot guarantee any accommodation will be ready for you.

Do you have other options for students on short courses? 

You can also look at our Homestay option where you stay with a local host or family.

You may prefer to look in renting in the private sector and a couple of websites to help you in your search can be found at:

What is the area like? 

For more information on the area and great places to visit you may find these links useful for planning your trips:


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