Presentation Skills

Build your confidence when talking in front of people and grow your presentation skills by attending workshops at your campus.

These resources and workshops are designed to build your confidence by helping you to plan and structure your presentation out from scratch. You will also find advice on how to make the most of practising your presentation before you need to deliver it.

Resources Available

To help you with your studies we have created learning resources that you can make use of when preparing for your next presentation. The following resources are recommended if you are looking to improve your presentation skills:

The complete set of resources can be found on Blackboard, under the Student Support tab> Academic Learning Development> Resources> Speaking and Presentation skills.


There are several workshops taking place through the academic year that can help you improve your presentation skills across our campuses. Please make sure you email to book your place. 

Please e-mail if you would like to book a workshop on this topic.

Please e-mail if you would like to book a workshop on this topic.

You can download the full workshop schedule or visit the Student Events Calendar for more details.

Additional workshop topics can be offered on request. Please email if you have a specific request for an additional workshop.


If you would like to book a one-to-one tutorial you can contact us by emailing or calling 01227 928641.


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