Updating Your Status

Whether you need to update your personal details, request an extension or another  assessment attempt, order a replacement certificate or find a specific student policy, you can find what you're looking for here.

Student Attendance

It is proven that, on average, having a higher attendance rate gives better outcomes for students and you can find information here about how we record your attendance at the university.

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Changes to Study

During your studies, your personal details (address, name, contact details) may change or you may wish to request a change to your academic circumstances.

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Extenuating Circumstances

It is important for you to complete your assessments including examinations on time, but sometimes things happen outside of your control that could affect your short term ability to meet your deadlines, this is when you need to make an extenuating circumstances request.

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Negotiated Learning Plan

If you are experiencing personal difficulties which will affect you for some time, and are not related to a Disability, a NLP may be appropriate to support you in relation to your assessment deadlines.

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Higher Education ACHIEVEMENT Report

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides you with a comprehensive record of all of your university achievements, including a number of extra-curricular activities, both during and upon completion of your academic studies.

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