Negotiated Learning Plan

A Negotiated Learning Plan provides an agreement between you and your programme team to help you meet your assessment deadlines.

The University recognises that sometimes students will experience personal difficulties, which are exceptional and beyond the normal challenges faced by students, and which affect their ability to engage with their studies fully.  There are a range of support options available to students in this situation, depending on the nature of the issue, and you should always begin by discussing your situation with your Programme Director, your Personal Academic Tutor or a Student Health & Wellbeing Adviser to see what support will be best for you.

If you are experiencing a medium or long-term personal difficulty (not related to a Disability), your Programme may suggest that a Negotiated Learning Plan (NLP) is for you. This will allow them to adjust assessment deadlines for you whilst it is in place.  To start a discussion about whether you are eligible for a NLP, please contact your Programme Director or Personal Academic Tutor.

If your issue relates to a long-term health or wellbeing condition, a Learning Support Plan (LSP) may be more appropriate for you.  To find out more, see the information here, or contact the Student Support, Health & Wellbeing Department for advice.

Important information about NLPs

Please be aware that:

  • A NLP requires appropriate professional evidence to support your claim.
  • A NLP will be put in place for a specific period, and you will agree when it is proposed to end at the time it is developed with your Programme. NB: a NLP will only last for one academic year, however a new NLP may be agreed for a future academic year if the issue is continuing.
  • Not all deadlines can be moved, for example group assessments cannot always be adjusted.
  • A NLP cannot:
    • Include assessments you have already missed before the date you tell your programme about the issues affecting you. So it is important to tell your Programme Director or Personal Academic Tutor as soon as possible.
    • Provide unlimited extensions; deadlines will be adjusted, in consultation with you, but you will then be expected to meet that new deadline.
    • Provide a further chance to take an assessment you have already completed. If this is the case, please check if you are eligible for an Impaired Performance request.
    • Allow for any change to the type of assessment you are expected to complete.

If you are given a NLP, please note you will be expected to:

  • Meet adjusted deadlines set for you;
  • Contact your Programme if your situation changes and your NLP needs to be re-negotiated, or if it can be ended (where the situation has resolved);
  • Attend the review discussions agreed in you NLP;

If you do not meet the above expectations, your Programme may suspend your NLP until they are satisfied the issue has been resolved or, in some cases, may determine that your NLP should be terminated if the issue persists. 

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