Extenuating Circumstances

It is important for you to complete your assessments including examinations on time, but sometimes things happen outside your control that could affect your short term ability to meet your student deadlines, you may be able to apply for a short coursework extension or further opportunities to take an examination or time specific assessment

To make an Extenuating Circumstances request, your situation must be:

  • exceptional (i.e. beyond the normal challenges faced by students);
  • unexpected (i.e. you could not have anticipated it); and
  • beyond your control

To check if your reasons for an Extenuating Circumstance Request is acceptable under the University’s procedures please read:

Reasons for which Extenuating Circumstances can be approved

      Reasons for which Extenuating Circumstances (of any type) cannot be approved.

      How do I apply for Extenuating Circumstance?

There are three types of request you can make, which each have a different purpose and criteria.

  1. Self-Certification – to request a 7 day extension or take an examination at a later date. You do not need to provide evidence, but can only use this twice in an academic year. You must make your request by the deadline date. 
  2. Evidence-Based Extension Request – to request a 7 day or 14 day extension or take an examination at a later date. You must provide evidence at the same time as you make the request and submit your full request to 7 calendar days after your deadline date.
  3. Impaired Performance Request – you can only use this request for examinations or time-specific assessments that you completed on the scheduled date, but wish to take again. You must provide evidence with the request. You can submit up to 7 calendar days after your completed examination or time-specific assessment.

For further information on what type of Extenuating Circumstance request you should make click here.

If you need further advice on whether you are eligible to make a request and which one is appropriate to you, or if you need a different type of support because you have a longer term problem speak to your Programme Team or a Student Support & Wellbeing Adviser.

Please note: Extenuating Circumstances is not an automatic right, for it to be approved you must have an acceptable reason, apply on time, not have exhausted your request opportunities and provide evidence if required.




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