How do we build a healthy community?

15 May 2018

It is widely recognised that the environment around us and where we live can have an impact upon our health and wellbeing and quality of life. With this is mind questions are now being asked of how the planning process for new urban and rural developments can support and promote healthy lifestyles, create vibrant communities that bring the generations together and have a positive impact upon public health.

A two day summit, hosted by The Bay Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University’s Sustainability department and England Centre for Practice Development, will explore the challenges of designing for health and wellbeing to make the population healthier, and show how designers from around the world have successfully influenced rural and urban design for the sake of people’s wellbeing.

Carrie Jackson, Director the England Centre for Practice Development at the University, said: “An aging population with increased social care requirements, as well as other factors such as an obesity problem and a call for more integrated person-centred care within the community, means that we need to start understanding how we can deliver new rural and urban communities designed to improve the long-term health of people. A better connection between the generations to help more intergenerational living; buildings that can offer technology to allow people live at home longer through greater independence and local NHS services that are better integrated into the community and less segregated into primary or clinical care are just a few ideas of how planners can help to create places that promote wellbeing in both home life and work.”

The Futures Summit: designing innovations for sustainable community wellbeing will feature speakers including Kevin McGeough, Director of ‘Healthy New Town Programme’ at Ebbsfleet Garden City. It takes place at The Pines Calyx, Margate from June 18 -19. For more details and ticket information visit .



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