Explore Your Community

All of our campuses are located in vibrant locations that have their own communities and personalities.

Whether you're studying in our central campus at Canterbury, or at our specialist campus at Medway and our location in Salomons, there are things to see and do when taking a break from your studies.

Alongside this, events and activities are organised by the students union, who have a presence at each of our campuses, that include visiting local attractions via clubs and societies.

Moving In and Living in Your Community

Don’t forget that you’re living in a community along with all sorts of different people and you have a responsibility to be a good citizen! Many people live there all year round for long periods of time as opposed to students who may turn over year on year so you must remember and respect that.

Here are some tips for living in the community:

  • Meet your neighbours – make sure to introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in, bake them something and bring it round! It’s important to make sure you know each other so you can help each other out if necessary.
  • Alert your neighbours of any noise – if you are considering having company or anything that could potentially be disruptive, tell your neighbours in advance (they’ll be appreciative if you ask their permission) and come to a compromise on noise levels/end times and make sure you stick to them.
  • Get involved in your community – there’s lots to do to feel part of your new community, and it helps to boost the perception of students. You can go along to your local residents’ association, join in community events/projects and other volunteering opportunities.


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