Funding Your Studies

You don’t have to wait until you’ve been formally offered a place at university before applying for your Tuition Fee Loan. We advise you to apply as early as possible so your finance is in place when your course begins.  You can always cancel/update your application at a later date if needed. 

Depending on your home location and course, your funding body may be one of the following:

  • Student Finance England, Wales or Scotland,
  • Secondments

More information is available from the Government website and our Health Education Funding in England from 2017/18 page.


Remember - it is important that you print, sign and mail your Declaration form to your funding body after you submit your application. If you don’t do this, your funding will be delayed.

Maintenance Loan

Depending on your chosen course of study and personal circumstances you may also qualify for a maintenance loan or a  grant or bursary which you’re not usually required to pay back.

Your maintenance loan will only be awarded to you once you have completed enrolment, a few weeks after your course has started and may not cover all your living expenses.

The University does offer some additional funding options. Click here to see what is available and  if you are eligible:

It is important to update your funding body and the university of any changes to your personal circumstances (EG change of course applied for) to ensure that your funding application completes successfully.

Need help?

We have number of bursaries, scholarships and grants to offer further help for students who choose to study with us.  Please check the individual eligibility criteria to see if you qualify for our University Awards.

If you need advice on how to apply for funding or would like to discuss you financial situation further, please get in touch with the Student Support and Wellbeing Advisers: T: 01227 922 675 or E:


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