Couch to 5k

A Brand New FREE Couch to 5k Programme for the University

About our Couch to 5k

Our free Couch to 5k programme is a running plan for complete beginners. Lasting 10 weeks and ending with a 5k event. 

Led by our qualified run leader, the programme is comprised of three runs a week with a rest day in between each. Two of the runs are a group activity, and one run is self-directed.

  • Student runs will be held on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes at 2:00pm
    • Programme runs Oct - Dec
  • Staff runs will be held on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes at 12:30pm
    • Programmes run Jan - March & May - July

How does the programme work?

Our Couch to 5K programme works because it starts with a combination of running and walking, progressively building up your stamina over a period of weeks. The first week involves running for just a single minute at a time, managing your expectations and making the programme feel as achievable as possible.

If you have any health worries about establishing a new exercise regime like the Couch to 5K programme, make an appointment with your GP to discuss it with them before you begin.

To find out more contact Christ Church Sport:

Email:  |  Tel: 01227 923500

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