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Grit are a charity who deliver training programmes – they have been working in schools, communities, institutions and businesses since 1992, with great results.

They are currently working with the Employability and Enterprise department to deliver worthwhile intensive workshops to students, with the aim of bringing about "personal breakthroughs".

These workshops help to:

  • Develop resilience and self-esteem
  • Tackle challenges – at university, and in life beyond education
  • Increase your drive to achieve – and enjoy more success, in higher education and in life generally
  • Develop your personal skills and techniques to build successful and supportive relationships
  • Expand your networking and connect with the support community available to you

To book onto the 3 day workshop programme in May, visit our Evenetbrite event here.

Find out more about them at

This is a unique opportunity to gain new insights, and to receive valuable, high-quality training.

For more information on the programmes and to find out how to get involved, contact



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