Business and Community

We offer a diverse range of business and community engagement activities, projects and initiatives.


Develop your people

Individuals need ongoing training and development to help them become more effective, and take on bigger and more significant challenges. More than this, they need help learning new skills as the nature of their work of their work and organisation changes.

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access our student talent

We provide a wide range of services to employers and businesses interested in working with or recruiting our students and graduates.

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Degree Apprenticeships now offer school leavers another route into higher education. Apprentices work full-time for an industry leading company whilst also studying at university.

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As a modern University we have a wealth of talented people and specialist facilities available. Our expertise covers a wide range of subject areas and we have a long history of working in partnership with organisations to exchange knowledge.

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Research and Development

We understand that research and development is critical to the success of any business or organisation. CCCU has internationally recognised researchers providing research services to a diverse range of organisations.

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Engineering and Technology

KM EDGE Hub is an ambitious and far reaching initiative, designed to unlock regional economic growth and employment in engineering, science and technology sectors.

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regional economic development

We have an excellent reputation for engaging with and serving our regional and local communities to make a strategic contribution to the development of growth strategy and priorities for the regional economy.

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Community is at the core of our values. We strive to maintian our position as both a seat of learning and a contributor to the culture and community of Canterbury and Kent.

Christ Church in the community



We are firmly rooted in Kent and Medway’s communities – from Canterbury to Tunbridge Wells and Medway – and we therefore recognise our significant role in protecting and enhancing our wider environment.

Sustainability at Christ Church

Residential conference

Use our facilities

Our Facilities team is committed to delivering high quality, best value, customer focused services to ensure you receive a first rate experience.

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