Higher and Degree Apprenticeships offer employees a route into higher education. Apprentices work full-time while also studying at university. At the end of the course, apprentices achieve a university qualification up to Masters level.

This scheme is backed by the government and encourages collaboration between employers and universities in a wide range of industries. The aim is to train a highly skilled workforce to drive economic development across the UK, benefiting the employer through the ability to upskill and retrain their workforce.

To meet the skills and the needs of employers now and in the future, Canterbury Christ Church University have designed and created a range of Higher and Degree Apprenticeship courses.

Canterbury Christ Church University can support you with your planning for apprenticeships and discuss how you can access either the funds you pay into the Apprenticeship Levy or central government funding.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are being developed by employers, universities, and professional bodies working in partnership. They offer apprentices the opportunity to achieve a university qualification as part of their apprenticeship.

Top 3 benefits for the employer

"96 per cent of employers who take on an apprentice report benefits to their business."

  1. Apprenticeships are the perfect way to recruit new staff or grow your own talent, by re-training or upskilling existing staff

  2. Apprenticeships help increase employee satisfisfaction and loyalty and will provide you with the skilled workers you need for the future.

  3. Learning can be done in your workplace, minimising disruption and maximising impact and apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business.

Top 3 benefits for the employee

"Don’t assume you are too old to do an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships for over 25s are increasingly common and it might be the perfect way for you to change career."

  1. By doing an apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to earn while you learn, up to £150,000 more than your peers over the duration of your working lives.

  2. As an apprentice, you will be entitled to the same benefits as everyone else in the workplace, including tax credits and paid holiday.

  3. You will learn at a pace suited to you with the support of a mentor and will receive excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace.

Higher and Degree apprenticeships combine working with studying at a university. Apprentices are in full-time employment throughout the programme, and spend 20% of their time at university and the rest with their employer. This can be on a day-to-day basis or in blocks of time, depending on the programme and requirements of the employer. We offer Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in:

We plan to introduce apprenticeship routes in collaboration with employers in:

  • Life Sciences
  • Accountancy
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Computing
  • Teaching
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Policing
  • Journalism

There are a wide range of benefits for your business in getting involved.

Business benefits

  • develop existing staff through retraining and upskilling
  • develop valuable mentoring skills
  • fill high-level skills gaps by tailoring learning to their specific business needs
  • recruit high-calibre future leaders who are likely to want to remain with the organisation after graduating
  • spread new academic, vocational and technological knowledge throughout the workforce.

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