Postgraduate Masters student loans

From 2017/18 government loans of up to £10,280 are available for postgraduate Masters study. The loans will be paid directly to students by the Student Loans Company and will be subject to both personal and course eligibility criteria.

Find out if you're eligible for the loan

To be eligible for a postgraduate Master’s loan you must:

  • Be under 60 years old at the beginning of the academic year in which your course starts. The academic year is the period of 12 months starting on 1 September, 1 January, 1 April or 1 July.
  • Be a UK National, or have settled status in the UK, and have been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for three years on the first day of the academic year of their course start date. This must have most recently been resident in England and students must not have moved there from elsewhere in the UK and Islands solely for the purposes of attending the course.
  • Individuals may be eligible if they are an EU national or family member of an EU national, or if they have the residency status of refugee, humanitarian protection, EEA migrant worker, child of a Swiss national or child of a Turkish worker.
  • Not already have a Master’s qualification, an equivalent level qualification or a higher level qualification.  This applies even if the previous qualification was entirely self-funded and/or achieved outside the UK.  Lower level qualifications such as Postgraduate Diplomas or Postgraduate Certificates of Education will not affect eligibility for a PG Loan.
  • Applicants will not be eligible for a PG Loan if they have outstanding student loan arrears or have previously been found ‘unfit’ for student support (e.g. because of attempted fraud).

Course eligibility

Eligible courses may be taught or research based, and include professional Master’s courses such as MBAs. There are no subject restrictions.

Examples of courses that are eligible for Postgraduate Loan funding include the following:

  • MSc (Master of Science)
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • MPhil (Master of Philosophy) on entry
  • MRes (Master of Research) on entry
  • LLM (Master of Law)
  • MLitt (Master of Letters)
  • MFA (Master of Fine Arts)
  • MEd (Master of Education)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)

If you are studying full time your course can last for one or two years.

If you are studying part time your course can last two years (for the equivalent one year full-time course) or up to four years (for the equivalent two year full-time course).

You can also study part-time on a course which is taken over three years, as long as it does not have a one year full-time equivalent option.

Not eligible:

  • 3 year part-time courses that have a 1 year full-time equivalent option
  • 4 year part-time courses that have a 1 year full-time equivalent option, or that have no full-time equivalent course
  • Postgraduate Certificate courses
  • Postgraduate Diploma courses
  • Master’s courses that are currently funded by the undergraduate support system, such as integrated Master’s and Master of Architecture.

To check whether a particular course at Canterbury Christ Church University will be eligible for a PG Loan, please contact the Student Fees Team.

Payment of the loan

You can apply for a loan of up to £10,280 as a contribution towards your course and living costs. If your course is longer than one year you can get up to £5,000 in your first year and the rest in your second year. If you’re studying part time you can only get payments in the first two years of your course. The loan will be paid into your bank account in three instalments during the academic year.

Repaying the loan

  • You will only start repaying the loan when you earn at least £21,000.
  • Your repayments will be 6% of all income earned of £21,000 or more.
  • Repayments will be made at the same time as any outstanding undergraduate student loan repayments due.
  • Masters loans will be written off after 30 years from the date the loan balance becomes due for repayment.

20% Alumni discount

UK and EU Christ Church alumni are eligible for a 20% discount on self-funded Postgraduate Taught Masters and Masters by Research*.

*Discount does not apply to Christ Church PGCE courses. However, some PGCE students may be eligible for a tax-free DfE training bursary of up to £25,000.


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