Completing your application

Use the following tips and advice when completing your UCAS application.

Choosing your course

You should have made a decision about the subject area(s) you would like to study before applying.

Your personal statement

This is the most important section of your application. Try to include a wide ranging description of yourself that might include your study interests and what you enjoy about your current course(s).

It is also vital that you say why you have chosen the subject you are applying for. Include any work or other relevant experience and the personal benefits you gained. With teaching or health-related subjects, it is best to show relevant experiences as this is likely to make your application more successful. 

Let us know about any career ideas you have for the future, and how your chosen course will fit into this. If you have interests outside school/college list them e.g. sports, theatre, travel, social activities, cinema, music, reading, or any other interest you have. 

Read our Guide to Writing Personal Statements for more helpful tips and advice.


Your references

You will need to provide an academic reference and your school or college will write a reference for you. If you are not able to provide an academic reference, please contact our Admissions Enquiry Team.

Your UCAS code

When completing your UCAS application, you will be required to specify your chosen course's UCAS code.

There are over 1300 codes listed for Canterbury Christ Church University on the UCAS website. To find yours, please go to the UCAS search tool.

How to apply

Full-time: Visit the UCAS website to apply for your chosen course.

Any questions?

If you have questions or would like any further advice, we're here to help. Please contact our Admissions Enquiry Team. 


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