Box of Broadcasts (BoB National)

BoB National is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for education.

As you’re a student at Christ Church, and we subscribe to the service, BoB (short for Box of Broadcasts) lets you view, record, create clips and share broadcast programmes from over 60 TV and radio channels.

If you have difficulties logging into BoB, please make sure you have an active library account. For further problems please contact the i-zone.

How can a student access the service?

To access BoB National from a University computer you need to launch BoB from the start menu.

  1. Click start
  2. Scroll down to teaching tools
  3. Select ‘Bob National (Box of Broadcasts)’

Follow the instructions and set up an account using your to watch, record, create clips, search for upcoming programmes by title or keyword, compile favourite shows into playlists and share them with others.


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