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Find out more about OneDrive for Business by reading our FAQs below.

OneDrive for Business is cloud-based storage linked to your University Microsoft Office 365 account. Each person has their own storage space which is only available when connected to the internet. You can securely connect to OneDrive for Business from anywhere in the world, using your University credentials and password.

If you don't already use a cloud-based storage solution then we recommend you use OneDrive for Business as our "official" supported option. However if you are happy with the storage solutions you already have then you are welcome to carry on using these, however do just bear in mind that we do not support other systems, so will not necessarily be able to help you if you encounter difficulties.

We recommend that you use OneDrive for any of your documents, files or data that you need to be able to access from anywhere. It is very similar to your University N: drive, and can be used for documents that do not need to be shared long term with others.  You can temporarily share documents in OneDrive for Business with fellow students or members of staff to allow them to comment or edit.

Please note that OneDrive for Business is not a direct replacement for your N: drive and will not be backed up in the same way. If you accidentally delete a file, we will not be able to recover it. Also, keep in mind that when you leave the University any files which you have on OneDrive for Business will be permanently deleted, even if you have shared them with someone else.

As a Microsoft provided service, OneDrive for Business is designed to work well with Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint), but it can also be used for virtually any other type of document.

It can also be used for personal research data, but please note that you should also not use OneDrive for Business for research data where the funding body has explicitly stipulated that the data must be physically housed within the University.

The University will shortly be publishing new policies on information security, including an information classification policy. While any University information – however confidential – may be stored on OneDrive for Business, it remains your responsibility to make sure that all information is appropriately secured. In particular you must be aware of the recommendations around synchronisation of OneDrive for Business below.

You should not use OneDrive for Business as a group filestore nor for any data which needs to be preserved for the long term. You should also not use it for any non-University documents or files, such as personally owned digital music or photographs.

For full functionality, you should use Internet Explorer or Edge. Most options work in Chrome and Firefox, but not all.

As a CCCU student you receive 1TB of free storage in OneDrive for Business. There is a size limit of 20GB for any individual file. Extremely long filenames are not permitted, nor is the use of odd, non-ASCII characters in filenames. However, these limits will not affect most people using normal Windows-style filenames. 

This is a default folder that is automatically created for every OneDrive for Business account. As the name implies, if you put a file in this folder every other user within the University can see it.

We would recommend that you delete the "Shared with Everyone" folder, as this reduces the risk of accidentally sharing a file with the whole University. To do this, click to the left of the "Shared with Everyone" folder icon so that a tick appears next to it, then select the "manage" option from the top of the file list (the one with a spanner next to it) and choose "Delete".

Any documents or files stored in your OneDrive will be deleted soon after you leave the University. This is exactly the same as your N: drive currently.

Data within OneDrive for Business is stored in various Microsoft data centres in the EU. The University retains full ownership of and control over the data and is satisfied that the data is properly secured and protected. The arrangements have been negotiated on behalf of the UK HE sector nationally and abide by all relevant UK and European legislation.

No student desktop at the University will be able to synchronise with OneDrive for Business. This is because the amount of storage available in OneDrive for Business far exceeds the amount available on your computer.

However you are welcome to snycronise files on your personal devices, as long as you adhere to our acceptable use policy. Please do be aware that you will no longer have access to OneDrive once you leave the University (see above). 


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