IT services

IT Services

Access your online services, connect to our free Wi-fi network, and even download free and discounted software to help you with your studies, whether you’re on campus or studying at home.

Manage my account

“Manage My Account” is a service that allows you to manage key aspects of your CCCU computing account.

Find out how to manage your CCCU computing account

Email, Calendar and Contacts

You can access your email. calendar, and contacts on your mobile device or home PC or Mac by using Office 365.

How to access email, calendar and more


Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is called Blackboard, and is the online place where you can find academic materials for your course.

What is Blackboard?

Access Blackboard via the Student Portal


Free and discounted software

Did you know you can download software packages, including Office 365 and Sophos Antivirus, for free? Discounts are also available on a range of popular applications.

Download free and discounted software

productivity software

You can access a range of productivity software packages on University PCs and to use at home, including accessibility tools, text to speech, time management, note taking, and more besides. 

Find out more about productivity software

University wifi

To connect to University WiFi select 'eduroam' and enter your followed by your University computing password. Visitors can connect using our free guest service, WiFiGuest.

Connect to University WiFi


Student smartcard

Your smartcard acts as your identification to show that you are a registered student at CCCU, granting you access to teaching rooms, while also acting as your library card.

Replace a lost smartcard


OneDrive is a free storage solution that provides up to 1TB of cloud storage for the duration of your studies.

Find out more about OneDrive

Read our OneDrive FAQs

Find a PC

We have a large number of PCs available for use across our campus locations. These include dedicated labs, and flexible spaces that can also be used when not booked for teaching.

Find a PC


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