Student Attendance

Tap in every time you are in a seminar or lecture to let us know that you are here.

We want to help you make the best of your time with us by helping you achieve the best result you can get. Research has shown that good attendance leads to good outcomes.  As a responsible institution, the University believes it has a duty to follow-up promptly on matters of non-attendance so that students can be supported and given every opportunity to succeed.


The University is phasing out paper registers for students who have an online University calendar (IST).  Instead of having to sign a register, you will have to use your student smartcard (also known as your student ID card) to swipe the card reader in every room to log your attendance.

The timeframes for this to come into effect, by campus, are as follows:

Broadstairs February 2017

Medway Easter 2017

Canterbury September 2017

To enable your attendance to be tracked, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • Keep your smartcard / student ID card with you when at Uni at all times so you can swipe into sessions.
  • If there’s no swipe, we will assume you have not attended and this may mean you will soon get contacted by your programme team.
  • We will expect you to attend the sessions that you have timetabled as per your online University calendar (IST)

For more details, please visit the I-zone frequently asked questions section by typing in ‘attendance’.

You are able to swipe into sessions 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the start of the timetabled session and there is no need to swipe out of your sessions.

If you lose your smartcard / student ID card you will need to go to the i-zone as soon as possible and request a replacement, which they will print for you. Until end Oct 2017, your first replacement card is free and thereafter there will be a charge when ordering replacements.

Contact us

  • Tel:  01843 609888 (Broadstairs)
  • Tel:  01227 922222 (Canterbury)
  • Tel:  01634 894444 (Medway)
  • Email:


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