Making Your Plan

Set goals and put a career plan in place that will help you achieve your employment objectives.

Entering the world of employment when University has been your comfort zone for the last few years is not easy, especially if you haven’t secured that one amazing graduate role yet. But you won’t be the only one…

There will be many students leaving universities across the country this summer without a plan. You may be intending to continue in your part-time job and thinking about where to go next, or you may be considering further study or professional training. Or perhaps you simply don’t know where to start looking for a graduate role.

Your Career Plan

A career plan helps you identify your skills and interests, what career will best suit your talent and abilities, as well as what skills and training you will need for your chosen career.

By developing a career plan, you can focus on what you want to do and how you will get there.

The easiest way to create a career plan is to use the Career Planner tool on the University’s career information system The CORE (hyperlink). There is an entire section dedicated to ‘Planning Your Future’, with resources on options within your subject, specific career routes with your degree from Christ Church, as well as further study opportunities and more.

Remember: You will still have access to The CORE once you graduate.

Advice and Support

If you feel daunted by developing a career plan, speak to the Career Development service at the University. They are still here to support and advise you, and will be for up to three years after you graduate.

You can contact them via email or simply book a 45 minute appointment through The CORE information system. They can help to create this plan with you.


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