Career Planning

Planning ahead, making use of the resources available to you and then preparing to get a graduate job will help you to make the most of your new qualification.

Make Your Plan

Entering the world of employment when University has been your comfort zone for the last few years is not easy and a plan for your future can help.

Help with making your career plan

Using the core

You may have used The CORE as a current student, and you can continue to make use of it as a graduate to help support your career plan and graduate applications.

Continue to access The CORE

Preparing to get a Graduate job

There's a range of things you can do to give yourself the best opportunity at obtaining a graduate-level job once you have graduated.

Put your best foot forward

Exploring Graduate jobs and alternatives

There are jobs in law, finance, IT and management that are open to graduates from any degree background.

What's your next step?


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