Critical Law and Corporate Crime

Powell Lecture Theatre (Powell Building), Canterbury Campus, North Holmes Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1QU
Social and Applied Sciences
Wednesday 7 June 2017 (12:30-18:30)

Adaeze Okoye


Corporations are a central feature of today's globalised world yet their relationship with wider society can be problematic. A catalogue of recent high profile scandals have drawn attention to this troubled relationship.

This conference continues the discussion on critical legal perspectives and corporate social responsibility [CSR] started at an event in 2016 at the Institute of Advanced Legal studies (IALS) London. The focus this year is on critical law and corporate crimes (& wrongs).

The spotlight is on the corporation as a legal person and it's capability and tendency to commit crimes and wrongs. This will cover critical issues like modern slavery, corruption, environmental wrongs and tax avoidance


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