Artist’s impression of proposed view from St Martin’s Steps

Routes and spaces

The spaces in which buildings sit are as important as the buildings themselves. The outdoor spaces have been designed to unify the buildings and to help pedestrians navigate their way through the campus to the World Heritage Site.

Public access and spaces

At the heart of the Prison Quarter is Abbey Square; a new public space framed by steps that double up as seating. The square will be an outdoor space in which people will eat, socialise and interact while taking in open views to St Martin’s Church in the east and St Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral in the west. The space will also lend itself to hosting occasional outdoor events in the summer months. A proposed site plan for the Prison Quarter can be viewed here.

Vehicle access and parking 

Access to the North Holmes Campus is being rationalised with a single primary car park accessed via North Holmes Road, consolidated visitor parking access from Longport and dedicated service vehicle access to the Prison and Building 2.

Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained and selectively improved at all locations and strengthened by the new route through the campus using St Martin’s Steps. The Prison Quarter will include a lower ground car park serving the whole of the North Holmes Campus. This will enable us to create a campus largely free of surface level car parking by removing all existing surface car parks. Some disabled and visitor parking provision will be retained at ground level. The car park will have capacity for approximately 320 vehicles meaning there is no significant overall increase in the total number of parking spaces provided across the campus.


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