Introduction to the Estate Master Plan

The Estate Master Plan sets out the blueprint for the development of the University's estate over the next 10 to 15 years. We need to provide modern, fit for purpose facilities and buildings to respond to students’ needs and expectations, and to enable us to achieve our academic vision.

Supporting the regional economy and skills growth

As a University with a successful track record in adapting and innovating to meet the needs of our students, local communities and wider society, our 15 year academic vision continues to reinforce excellence, relevance and partnership working.

We want to support the regional economy and skills growth in new ways, with future investment in engineering, science and technology. This builds on our strong and diverse portfolio, which encourages students and graduates to make a positive and lasting impact on society, working in schools, hospitals, the creative industries, business and sciences sharing their knowledge and skills, and contributing to our economy.

Our vision for the North Holmes Campus includes:

  • An industry-led, partnership-based engineering, science and technology hub, with specialist teaching facilities and laboratories
  • An energy efficient campus showcasing innovation in sustainable building design  
  • The provision of new sector leading simulation suites for Health and Wellbeing courses
  • The restoration of the former Pilgrim’s Trail from St Martin’s Church through the campus to Canterbury Cathedral  
  • A transformed Prison Quarter which celebrates the site’s past and offers public open spaces forthe local community to explore and enjoy
  • A new heritage centre with exhibitions and displays of local significance
  • The creation of a new arts building.

Consolidating our estate in Canterbury

The acquisition of the former Canterbury prison site has given us a unique opportunity to unlock the development potential on our North Holmes Campus and consolidate our learning and teaching activities in Canterbury into two sites – the North Holmes Campus and Augustine House. This will, in time, free up much needed real estate in Canterbury for accommodation and business use. 

Development considerations 

Our location, on the edge of the city centre, places us in close proximity to quiet residential areas, particularly to the north east of the Prison Quarter. We are committed to being good neighbours and will ensure that our proposals are sensitive to the local surroundings and neighbourhoods.

In developing our proposals we have given careful consideration to Canterbury City Council’s planning policies, taking advice from planning officers at the council. We have also undertaken surveys of local trees and ecology to ensure that our proposals protect and enhance biodiversity in and around the Prison Quarter. As part of the planning process, we are undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to identify environmental benefits of the development and to ensure that any potentially adverse impacts are mitigated.

Next steps

in discussion with Canterbury City Council it has been agreed that we will submit two detailed planning applications supported by an illustrative Estate Master Plan to allow us to begin redeveloping our campus as early as possible.

An application for the redevelopment of the Prison Quarter was submitted in September 2016 with an application for Building 1 following in the winter of 2016/17.

Have a look at the Estate Master Plan timeline.



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