Inside the Hub

Building 3

Building 3 will form a new social space and welcome centre to the North Holmes Campus - the University ‘Hub’.

Building 3 celebrates the historic prison building design while also creating space for a new purpose built centre for social interaction and community use.

The existing Octagon and A Wing will be retained and their heritage significance celebrated through their transformation into a Heritage Centre.

B Wing forms an integral part of the new design for student services and a food village for the campus.

The form of C Wing will be re-created within the new building through roof lights and floor voids flooding the spaces with light and forming areas for interaction and collaboration.

The new building itself will form a link between the existing buildings allowing accessible routes in and around with much needed new lifts for inclusive access. The open and flexible nature of the spaces within the new building will strike a balance between the University’s needs and the preservation of the historical significance of the former prison.

See sketches of Building 3.


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