Arts Building (Building 1)

The Arts Building (Building 1) will be the first building to be delivered through the campus re-development.

The planning application for the Arts Building (Building 1) was approved by the city council in April 2017. The Arts Building will house courses run by the School of Media Art and Design and the School of Music and Performing Arts.

It will provide the opportunity for growth, new courses and new collaborations between the two Schools. Perfectly located next to the existing Coleridge, Maxwell Davies and Powell buildings (home to the remaining courses run by the two Schools) it will significantly improve the student experience. The building will be sensitive and respectful to the surrounding residential and heritage locations while also enabling stronger ties with Canterbury and with the University’s and the city’s cultural venues. You can find out more about the need for and benefits from the Arts Building here.

Our vision for the building

  • A striking exemplar building at an important gateway into the campus
  • A social heart for the Arts community and the University
  • Contemporary, modern and attractive
  • Ambitiously environmentally sustainable
  • Conserving and enhancing heritage
  • An expression of the life and culture of the two Schools
  • An extension of the “real life” workplace, taking cues from industry
  • A student focused building
  • Specialist spaces designed in collaboration with users
  • Open collaborative shared workspace for students, staff and researchers.

The outline brief

The building provides an opportunity to celebrate the creative process and exhibit the output of students’ work in graphic and illustrative arts, digital arts, photography, commercial music and music production.

The outline brief includes:

  • High spec computer labs and teaching space
  • Workshop style studios
  • Photography studios and darkrooms
  • Live performance, rehearsal, exhibition and teaching space
  • Recording studio, mixing suites, practice and edit rooms.


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